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Japan Radio Online Streaming

Radio Links

Japan A Radio

Japan-A-Radio plays music from Japan’s top charts and Japan’s mix best music as well as from Anime Soundtracks, Video Game Soundtracks, J-POP albums and more.

Japan A Radio

Sankakuyama FM 76.2 Mhz
FM76.2Mhz  also known as Sankakuyama FM is the internet radio streaming and broadcast from Sapporo, Japan. Sankakuyama FM website at

Sankakuyama FM 76.2 Mhz

Hardrave.JP Radio Station

Hardrave.JP Radio Station is Japanese Underground Hardrave that provides you essential Japanese hardcore

Hardrave.JP Radio Station Extreme Anime Radio EX² is Extreme Anime Radio plays only the best of Japanese animation themes, j-rock, and j-Pop with a playlist of nearly 5000 songs. Visit Extreme Anime Radio website at Extreme Anime Radio

Armitage’s Dimension

Armitage’s Dimension is Japanese internet radio that streaming variety of music such as Japanese pop, Japanese rock and anime radio in MP3 and aacPlus (AAC+). Armitage’s Dimension also offers songs request, live chat and forum.
Armitage’s Dimension website at

Armitage’s Dimension

Shonan Beach FM 78.9

Shonan Beach FM 78.9 was established on 3rd. Dec, 1994. BeachFM was established to the music lovers along the famous Shonan beach area of Japan. Streaming Jazz and other variety of Japanese music, Hawaiian music, R&B, classical music and etc.Shonan Beach FM 78.9 website at

Shonan Beach FM 78.9


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